Kentuckian by Jason Tyler Burton is a solid production from the first note to the last. The music paired with the storytelling is nothing short of an artistic masterpiece.”

Sean Payne - The Oklahoma Reviews

Photo by Gretchen Yost

Jason Tyler Burton


Wyoming musician Jason Tyler Burton writes engaging songs that will make you lean in a little and really listen. He is careful with the places and people he writes about, telling complicated truths with humor and grace. His 4th album, Kentuckian was voted the #1 Wyoming album of 2019 by Wyoming Public Radio. That album uses his upbringing in the bluegrass state as the setting for songs that deal in the joys and sorrows of living in rural communities. It has been called “working class country roots from a gifted songwriter,” and “nothing short of an artistic masterpiece.”

Press Photos

by Gretchen Yost

by Erica Chambers

by Erica Chambers

Kentuckian - Album Cover Art by Anna Brones