Crowd Funding Update

98% Funded! Okay, that should actually be 99% because I got $50 in the mail from a couple people who didn’t want to use credit cards. So that means just a couple more folks who support the album and I’m there, with two weeks left to make more and thus be able to give more to a nonprofit that will work hard to restore headwaters streams! That, my friends, is awesome.

This has been a surreal and humbling process. Someone supported the album yesterday and said to me they didn’t know they got something out of it. They just thought they gave me money. That’s been the craziest part, that people believe enough to give without incentive. 

So, just in case you didn’t know. This is not charity. This is not you just giving me money. This is you getting music, a CD, a poster, a t-shirt, even a guitar for supporting my album before it comes out. Thanks to those of you who have already, those who wish they could, and those who have helped spread the word. It is all so awesome, and I consider myself very blessed.

Thanks all for your support and sticking with me.



We just bought a quarter of a cow from a local CSA and farm here in Utah. Well, we split a quarter of a cow with 3 other couples, leaving us each with about 30 pounds of meat, from ground beef to steaks, ribs, and roasts. Tonight’s dinner was a couple steaks and some veggies on the grill.

We’re not big red-meat eaters, but to get a local grass fed beef, not some feedlot, antibiotic laced abomination, well… that made me enjoy the steak just a little more. 

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Making music: for good!

Excited to announce I’ve reached 83% of the goal for fundraising and am still on track for a June release! Thanks for helping to spread the word about this project.

I just posted an update on the link announcing that I’ll be giving 50% of all funds raised in excess of the goal amount (and after expenses) to Trout Unlimited for their work on Headwaters stream restoration projects. This is a very important cause for me, and I hope you’ll join me in protecting our waterways and headwaters streams.

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